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Are you looking to build your Instagram following?

Photo: @bluexastid

We are always looking for the new face of Rags n Rituals!

We will send you an item of your choice for absolutely free and share your image with our 100k+ followers on Instagram



  • 30,000 Instagram followers +/or
  • 20,000 Facebook followers +/or
  • 10,000 Youtube subscribers

(Instagram post engagement must be above 1,000 likes per post)



  • First time promoters will receive one item from Rags n Rituals, based on performance, we can review this and discuss any future promotions


  • If we work with you, please post within 2 weeks of receiving your item(s) as products often go out of stock very quickly and it isn't useful to us once this has happened. Financially, we cannot continue to work with influencers who take longer than this. If you cannot do this/ do not have the time, please do not ask or agree to work with us. Thank you


  • By agreeing to promote an item for us, you agree to your image being shared on our social media pages and if we love your images, then maybe our website too! Full credit will always be given whenever your image is shared.

Please contact us at: if you feel that you meet these requirements. We look forward to working with you :)